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Almost 100 of our friends, clients and contacts from The Nunatak Group’s network joined us for our second Networking Night at the heart of Munich (the Rooftop Café – Vorhoelzer Forum). According to the evening’s theme „Big(ger) Data“, our three speakers – Johann Blauth (QuantCo – our co-sponors, thanks!), Arno Schäfer (Platform 161) and Andreas Dittes (Talentwunder) – provided hands-on insights into the current trends and applications of big data in everyday business.

The unseasonally warm November night allowed our guests to not only enjoy conversations indoors, but also appreciate the outdoor rooftop and the nightly view over the illuminated city. The Lufthansa strike caused a slight delay in the evening’s program, but with the help of good food and interesting conversations, this was barely noticed.

Johann from QuantCo highlighted the importance of big data in E-commerce and gave examples of its implementation for a leading online furniture retailer in the USA. Johann demonstrated how big data can be used to estimate price elasticities in online retailing. He also discussed the role of big data in creating accurate and effective product recommendations that fit the customer’s preferences on websites like Amazon, Zalando, etc.

Flu-affected speaker Arno Schäfer (Platform 161) joined via Skype and with the help of a big cup of tea, presenting the complex workings of programmatic advertising to the audience. Several parties are involved in this process, including so-called supply-side, demand-side as well as data management platforms – they combine user profiles, ad spaces and banners. Platform161 is a customizable digital marketing platform (demand-side as well as data management platform solution) based in Europe.

Our third and final speaker of the evening, Andreas Dittes, introduced his start-up „Talentwunder“. Talentwunder is a search engine to support HR departments in the search for right candidates. Talentwunder accumulates information from large social networks like LinkedIn and Xing as well as other third-party websites like Github,, and so forth to over 1 billion profiles. One of the most interesting features is the ability to access the candidates ‘switching probability’. One could search for potential candidates according to their likelihood of changing their current job. Andreas concluded by stating how big data is changing the traditional industry of HR and the importance of big data analysis in searching for right candidates to join your company.

Big Data, for sure is a term that no business sector can afford to ignore. We, at The Nunatak Group, will continue helping organizations to grow and to take advantage of the abundance of data present. We look forward to answering any questions you might have regarding big data and also would love to see you at our next Networking Night. Write us

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