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Tapping the potential of your market.

The ways to becoming a digital game changer are diverse. No two digitally successful companies have followed the same path. Our goal is to enable clients to build their unique market-entry strategies on carefully executed benchmarking campaigns, productivity analyses, market screenings and due diligence.

The case for digitally oriented investments is becoming stronger and stronger. While the number of start-ups is increasing, particularly in Europe, it is still very difficult to identify and evaluate potentially profitable targets. The question of how to invest exactly is not much easier to answer…

We helped close several transactions in diverse fields such as content marketing, programmatic advertising or e-commerce as commercial advisors. The total deal volume amounts to several hundreds of millions of euros.

  • We screened the market for promising young companies in e-commerce for the digital branch of a print-focused publisher. We also tied different strategic ideas together into a solid framework for the client that was then continuously applied during the client’s investment decision-making process
  • We developed an M&A strategy in the field of health care for an international services company
  • We screened the European market for digital video start-ups, evaluating business models and looking for start-ups interested in financing or acquisition

While we are not an M&A boutique only, we offer many services surrounding transactions, but always from a strategic rather than an opportunistic perspective. This includes target screening, outside-in analysis, target communication, company valuation, providing drafts for key documents (letter of intent, term sheet, etc.) and full commercial due diligences. While our focus is on Europe, we’re able to provide these services in a broader international context.

At Nunatak, we have experienced investors in the web sector as well. Our team members have started companies, helped them grow, and/or participated in and organized early-stage funding. We are happy to share our experiences and expertise in digitally oriented investing to give you an extra advantage.