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Update Paper:
Native Advertising


  • Advertisers are looking for alternatives to conventional display advertising campaigns as consumers become more immune to them and click-through rates decrease.
  • Thus, publishers are increasingly offering Native Advertising formats which seamlessly integrate with a website’s original content. Critics see this as a threat to editorial independence.
  • Nonetheless, 78 % of publishers and 61 % of brands worldwide plan to use Native Advertising this year – mainly on online editorial platforms and social networks.
  • Native Ads can be displayed easily on small mobile screens, which further increases their relevance.


The term Native Advertising describes high-value content created or commissioned by brands, which is integrated into a website’s look and feel. Platforms such as Buzzfeed rely solely on Native advertising. Lately, an increasing number of traditional publishers have jumped on the bandwagon and started selling Native ads (e.g. NyT, WSJ, forbes).

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