It’s time to talk: Apply for Transatlantic Digital Debates 2017!


It’s time to talk: Apply for Transatlantic Digital Debates 2017!

The Nunatak Group supports this year’s round and is looking for applicants

In a digital world, personal exchange and communication is more important than ever. The consequences of a sitting U.S. president using Twitter as a key channel for communication show the risks of going digital-only. That’s just one among many reasons why The Nunatak Group supports the „Transatlantic Digital Debates 2017“ (TDD 2017), a dialogue program that will take place in early summer and autumn in the United States and Germany. During the two weeklong session, 18 participants (nine from each of the two countries) with backgrounds in business, the sciences, politics and civil society will be discussing the future of the digital economy, challenges to online privacy as well as the changing public sphere through social media.

The Transatlantic Digital Debates were established in 2016 through a joint initiative of the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin and New America in Washington, DC, with support from the Transatlantic Program of the German Federal Government. The program aims to bring together young experts from both nations in various discussion formats to build a better understanding of future relevant topics on the transatlantic agenda. This year’s main focus will be on the new challenges in the automatization of our industries, artificial intelligence and algorithms as well as new cybersecurity developments. The discussions will be put into the context of the 2017 parliamentary elections in Germany and the political strategies of the Trump administration.

TDD 2017 consist of two parts: The program will take place in Berlin and Hamburg in early summer (May 28th-June 3rd) as well as in Washington, DC and Austin, TX in autumn (November 4th-11th). The focus of the debates in both capitals (Berlin and Washington, DC) will be on an active exchange with political decision-makers. The discussions in Hamburg and Austin will place a stronger attention on dialogue with tech companies. At this point, TDD 2017 is looking for applicants from both countries that are not older than 35, have a strong academic background and have at least three years of work experience. Those interested are asked to apply until March 19th. For further information about the application process, please visit:

Photos: GPPi