i4c Mixed Reality Day 2016: Rupert Schäfer on Digital Opportunities


i4c Mixed Reality Day 2016: Rupert Schäfer on Digital Opportunities

On March 9th, Rupert Schäfer was a keynote speaker at the i4c Mixed Reality Day in Munich and spoke about “Digital Opportunities: An update on latest digital trends and developments”. The i4c is a three-day symposium about innovation in motion pictures, covering the areas of transmedia, mixed reality, and animation.

Digital disruption has already happened

The largest accommodation provider Airbnb for example, owns no real estate. Facebook, the world’s largest media owner creates no content. More and more devices are connected – the internet is literally becoming the internet of everything!

Key Trends 2016

One of the key trends in 2016 is virtual and augmented reality. According to Mark Zuckerberg „It’s going to change the way we live and work and communicate“. Investments in augmented and virtual reality in 2016 have already surpassed all expectations. In the first two months of 2016 alone, investments reached an impressive $1.1 billion. The main driver? The $794 million investment round for the US augmented reality startup Magic Leap in February.

Virtual and augmented reality create new possibilities to tell stories, to play games, to communicate, and to work. The release of numerous virtual reality devices this year is thus highly anticipated: preorder contingents for the Oculus Rift, HTV Vive or Microsoft HoloLens sold out quickly.


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