Consultancies vs. Digital agencies


Consultancies vs. Digital agencies

INTERNET WORLD Business published an interesting article about the growing competition between consulting firms and digital agencies for digital transformation advisory mandates within corporations. “Digital transformation” is currently the most important item on the strategy agenda of any corporation. Companies are aware of the need to launch digitization initiatives and are now looking for suitable partners to support and guide them on the path to becoming a „digital enterprise“. To do so, corporations face the choice between hiring consulting companies or digital agencies.

In order to win those mandates, consultancies such as McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group or Accenture need to emphasize their know-how in terms of digital transformation: they have started to create expert teams, set up Digital Labs or Think Tanks or have published white papers and blog articles on digitization. As part of the consultancy projects, traditional consultancies are already involved in digital marketing strategies and thus pose a serious threat for the core business of digital agencies. 

Digital agencies on the other hand play a key role in defining digital marketing strategies and could extend their mandate to other areas by working on the overall digital transformation strategy. To remain competitive, agencies need to position themselves as a combination of creative agency and consultancy – but only a few have launched initiatives to do so until now. Creative agency “Die Hirschen“ for example has founded “Vorn Strategy Consulting“, which offers clients the benefit of integrating creative managers from Die Hirschen.

In addition, consultancies specifically focused on digital transformation – such as The Nunatak Group – emerge. We position ourself in-between: The Nunatak Group employees do not only have expert business know-how, they also have profound digital knowledge. The operative implementation of those digitization strategies is carried out by digital agencies, for which Nunatak assists in the selection process. 

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